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Welcome to Cloud Canyon. We cause disruption and we build platforms. Mostly we build platforms for people to start playing and winning games.
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Our portfolio



A platform that revolutionises the way people in the UK play the lottery.

Wshful Stars

Wshful Stars

Play a prize draw competition with a guaranteed winner every week.



A charity fund raising platform through charity raffle prize draws.


Handbag Envy

A fashion focused prize draw competition.

What we can do for you

  • Traffic Owners

    • Our platform helps you to deliver competition and games related revenue streams.
    • The propositions are bespoke and tailored to your brand and audience.
    • Requires no upfront investment from our partners.

  • Charities
    Charity Ambassadors

    • Our charity tech is a tool for digital brand ambassadors to raise donations flexing their social influence muscle.
    • There is no financial commitment from the charity and we can guarantee a minimum donation raise.

  • Brands

    • Our platform helps you build an engaged social following on all major social platforms.
    • It enhances your brand and relates it to positive social causes.

More than a technology solution

We provide a fully holistic solution, which means that all the regulatory and operational aspects of the proposition are included in the offering.

  • Web and application development
  • Digital Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Paid & Organic Social Media
  • PR and Influencer marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Payment Processing
  • Regulatory and Legal compliance

Our Team

Punit Shah

Co-Founder Director

Josh Darby

Co-Founder Director

Amit Lakhani

Non-Executive Director

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